My wife calls me the "MAD ARTIST". I try to be a kind soul and lend an understanding ear to one whom might need a listener. Quiet unless provoked, creating, designing, wood working, faux finishing, playing piano and guitar, standing in a crystal clear mountain stream and drinking coffee on our back deck on mornings as our yard of gardens comes to life. Creating has been my escape from reality for about 35 years now. I hope I have brought happiness and joy to those my art has appeared before. To not to be motivated by money has its ups and downs on an economic level. One as myself does what they must to survive in an economic society; but only to be able to create and know that feeling of, "I have placed something in this world that otherwise would have never existed" motivates me. A small home of gardens and art. Little animals here and there with the ever present furry friends, some call dogs but ours are actually members of my family. It dosn't take much to make me happy. My wife, Sherry and I have enjoyed our little world and since we have met all of you out there, we get to play with our paints, listen to and make music, plant our flowers and gardens, listen to nature as our fountain endlessly trickles in the background, and through the persistance and hard work of my wife, have been selling on line for 10 years at RonByrum.com . What more could I ask the universe for? I say to all of you, "Thank you for making my life as it exists today. Only through your support has it been made possible". I hope you enjoy your visit here and have a wonderful morning or evening, which ever you are enjoying at this moment, Ron

My wife Sherry and I on Main Street, Halloween 2009

My wife Sherry and I on Main Street, Halloween 2009

We displayed our Halloween Collection at our Town Mainstreet Party

We displayed our Halloween Collection at our Town Mainstreet Party
The town has a Spooktacular on October 31 and the whole town shows up. Hundreds walk the street, some to sell their wares, some with little candy beggers and others all dressed up for the occasion.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Just a note to let everyone know I am happy to be a part of the Magical Holiday Artist on ETSY Community and wish everyone a great day

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Cover of Ye Olde Witches Brew Magazine

WE ARE SO HONORED TO HAVE OUR PAINTING "Moonlight Meditation" used for the cover of Jennifer's First Year Anniversary Issue of "Ye Olde Witches Brew Magazine". The magazine is filled with wonderful interviews, articles on Cooking, Crafts, Rituals and my favorite Slideshows of Artist who have appeared in the magazine over the last year! I have made so many incredible women by being a member of the Black Hat Society Network and I admire the art of all the artist Jennifer has used in this issue! Be sure and check out the " Celebrating One Year of Art and Fantasy" to see slideshows of Byrum Art, Sabrina the Ink Witch, Artist Carol Ochs, Carri Hawks, Sarah Sullivan and my dear friend Heather Millott!

Thursday, May 14, 2009


There are times I put hours and hours into a piece of work , touching the canvas with ever so delicate care to not over do or under do the task of creating life with color. It is my creation, my vision, my imagination, desires, emotions and thoughts transferred through my hand onto paper, canvas, or perhaps sculpted. Perhaps a mystical moon lined with silver glitter that reflects through the foggy tree line of weeping willows. A beautiful perception of the essence of a woman, the joy from childhood of Halloween adventures. Tumultous or wispy clouds that become visable by the light of the Moon. My neck and back hurt sometimes with cramps that stop me from receiving the energy flow nessesary for purity and essence to be captured. I nuture a relationship with each piece of art I produce. To touch the canvas and actually rub life into the illusions and personalities to prevoke the veiwer into emotional reaction from the viewer is a task of the heart. These are the loving and painful pieces of myself that the bargan hunter makes me an offer of twenty five or thirty dollars for that part of me I have so imparted to the canvas as part of my contribution to the Universe and to you the veiwer to enjoy. It is a part of me, created from the soul. I take great pride in my works of art and for those of you who appreciate my efforts, THANK YOU.